Kitchen Faucet Buying Guide: How to Find the Best?


Kitchen Faucet Buying GuideKitchen faucets play an important role in interior design. Gone are the days when faucets were just an implement that was part of the kitchen. Modern faucets have undergone a lot of customization. Thus, one should never settle for second best. They allow for a lot of functionality no matter what your needs may be.


Modern faucets come in a wide array of finishes. They can either be ceramic, brass or even iron. When buying a kitchen faucet, it would be a good idea to look for one that matches with the rest of the kitchen. In this way, it becomes an important piece in the kitchen design. However, one needs to be aware that some of these faucets contain lead. As a result, one should check the composition of the finish to ensure they do not get a bad reaction to it.

Number of Valves

The kitchen faucets of today come with a wide variety of valve designs. The most common design is a single handle design. This means that controlling the hot and cold water takes place using this one handle. Another Rare design used in kitchen faucets is separate handles. The handles for cold or hot water are spread far apart. The specific type of handle design to use really comes down to individual preferences.

Faucet Design

Kitchen Faucet Buying GuideA common design with modern kitchens is a high arched faucet design. However, this does not work on all kitchens. The high arch faucet design is best suited for huge sinks. It is quite convenient especially if one deals with huge pots. It makes the entire process much simpler. The other common design is wall-mounted faucets. These types of faucets are great for interior design. Most of the faucet is hidden inside the wall with only a small protrusion. This design is especially great for people who have tiny kitchens.


These types of faucets are great for people with huge sinks. They allow one to clean all the utensils without much hustle; they also reduce the splash. They work by having a spout that can be pulled out. This spout retracts all on its own thanks to a counterweight. These faucets allow one to direct the water exactly where it is needed thus reducing water wastage.

Spray/ Stream Option

This option is quite convenient and improves the functionality of the faucet. By using a small switch located at the base, one can choose if they want a stream or a spray. It makes the job of washing utensils that much easier. This is because a spray works the best for cleaning.

There are so many options when it comes to kitchen faucets that it’s hard to choose between all the different features and designs and hard to know which one you will need. So learning about the various features and reading about the best kitchen faucets on blogs is a good way to get you started on the way to choosing a kitchen faucet that is perfect for you.


Most modern faucets have a filter. This helps to get rid of impurities that might contaminate the water. When purchasing a faucet, this is an important consideration. Otherwise, one might have to purchase one separately. Modern faucets have the filter inbuilt into the faucet.


The faucets have come a long way since their initial days. Anyone seeking to purchase a faucet should take his or her time to choose the best one. Good-looking faucets have been known to help sell a house faster.