Best Fuel Injector Cleaner In 2016


Best Fuel Injector Cleaner In 2016Most modern vehicles tend to be quite heavy, even when they are compact. As a result, it would not be possible to move them with the engines found in the old vehicles. In order to get around this problem, scientists came up with the injector. This small device is found in the engine and helps to pulverize the fuel before it enters the combustion chamber. Otherwise, it would just drool into this chamber, with most of it going to waste. This would thus require an unsustainably huge amount of fuel just to drive such a car. Over time, the injectors tend to be clogged up with impurities; this is where the injector cleaner comes into play.

Injectors Are Vehicle Specific

When choosing a fuel injector cleaner, make sure it is designed for that vehicle. Some of the fuel injectors available on the market are vehicle specific. A bad fuel injector could end up ruining the entire engine.

Sea Form Motor Treatment

This is one of the best fuel injector cleaners currently available in the market. Most gearheads prefer to use this cleaner. It has a unique combination of lubricating oil and cleaning oil. Interestingly, this cleaner can be mixed in with the car’s engine oil. This is unlike other injector cleaners that need to be put in separately. It may also be poured straight into the fuel tank to get rid of carbon build up.

How to Apply?

Best Fuel Injector Cleaner In 2016Unlike other cleaners, this fuel injector cleaner requires a bit of technical knowledge. In order to avoid unpleasant incidents, one should have a professional mechanic do it. However, experienced car owners who have confidence in their expertise can still do it. This cleaner should be applied through a vacuum break booster line or a PVC hose. This is according to the manufacturer’s website.

The fuel should then be poured into a line that feeds all the cylinders. Before disconnecting a line, the engine should be left to idle for a few minutes in order to raise its temperature. Interestingly, one does not need to use all the Sea Form Treatment at one go. A half of the bottle will usually be enough to clear up gunk from the injectors. Immediately after pouring in the cleaner, the engine may become a bit groggy. This is normal and one should not panic about it.

After this, one should turn off the engine and reconnect the line. The engine should then be left to soak in the cleaner for about ten minutes. This is important in allowing the cleaner to dissolve the carbon deposits. This process removes the deposits especially around the injectors and other parts of the engine.

The final process is to take the car for a spin in an open environment. One should notice the exhaust releasing more smoke than usual. One should drive the vehicle for about five miles until they notice the smoke levels return to normal.


The Sea Form Treatment is undoubtedly the best fuel injector cleaner this year. Although applying it requires technical know-how, the requirements are very few. It also does not require any alterations to the engine contents, which is quite awesome.